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Military Insurance Discounts: Rewarding Your Service to the Nation

Insurance companies frequently choose to reward certain professionals or organizations with additional discounts for all of their insurance products. Most also offer insurance discounts for military members whether they are active, retired or in the reserves.

Getting Military Insurance Discounts

Once you have signed up for military service, there are a number of benefits that you should be eligible for, including those that you get from the government. Auto insurance is also a benefit that should be open to you. However, you have to make sure that you are asking for this discount and that you are eligible for it.

Military Insurance Discounts

  • Most insurance companies offer military discounts without restriction for time served, as long as you fall in their stated branches. Even if you are only beginning, ask if you qualify for the military discount.
  • The companies may also offer discounts for family members, including spouses or children under certain circumstances.
  • Members of military affiliated organizations are often offered the same discounts as well.
  • Retired military personnel may also still qualify for the insurance discounts.
  • Most companies have discounts for members of the National Guard or members of the reserves.

To get these discounts, you may need to show proof that you are a member of the military and your status (active, reserves, retired).

Other Discounts in Addition to the Military Insurance Discount

You can add the military insurance discount to other discounts, which can give you substantial savings on your insurance costs. Other types of discounts that you can explore include:

  • Good driver discounts, which usually look at your driving history for the past three years.
  • Specific types of cars. Family sedans and cars with high safety ratings are viewed more favorably than other types of cars.
  • Certain safety and anti-theft equipment including anti lock brakes, air bags, side impact air bags and others.
  • Discounts for being a member in other organizations besides the military.
  • Favorable rates for good credit rating, marital status and certain age groups.
  • Discounts for bundling other types of insurance with the auto policy.

Military families that have high school or college aged drivers can also search for companies that offer good student discounts, which will save them money as long as their child maintains a certain grade (B or higher in most cases).

More Ways to Save on Insurance

In addition to these military insurance discounts, there are other ways to save money. These include:

  • Paying in full.
  • Choosing to have all bills sent via email rather than by mail. For military families, this can mean that they do not need to worry that their information is not being forwarded fast enough.
  • Automatic bill payment. This is something that can be set up simply and can ease worry.
  • Shopping for insurance quotes before your current policy expires.

Military families make very serious sacrifices, so it is important that they get the discounts that they deserve. Always ask if this discount is available when shopping for insurance quotes.