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Car Insurance for Military Personnel

Choosing to serve your country should come with certain benefits, including being able to locate cheap car insurance for military personnel. The trick is to make sure you are getting the best rates possible by comparing policy premiums with quotes from different insurance carriers. Never settle when it comes to the rates you pay and the coverage you have. Getting affordable auto insurance for military personnel shouldn’t mean settling for less policy coverage than you want.

What You Should Know about Car Insurance for Military Personnel

Car Insurance for Military Personnel Whether you want to start a policy for a new car, change companies or just compare rates to see how your current premiums fare, you should know a few things.

  • Many auto insurance companies offer discounted options for military servicemen and women. This often includes those who serve in the National Guard.
  • In fact, it usually can also include family members of military relatives, especially those living within the same household.
  • In most cases, you can also find cheap auto insurance for military personnel whether the individual is active duty or retired. There are plenty of options for cheap veteran’s car insurance to help you save money on your policy rates.

Before getting those quotes, though, you should also keep in mind some of the factors that can have an impact on your premiums. This can help you to know what to expect or understand why your rates end up being what they are.

Your zip code – As you probably already realize, different states have different minimum requirements for car insurance. For this reason obviously your policy rates will change depending on the state where you reside. What may surprise you is that you can notice a difference in rates based on just your zip code. In fact, that is why you need only supply your zip code to start getting car insurance for military personnel quotes.

Your driving and insurance history – It probably comes as no surprise that your driving history will impact your auto insurance rates. The cleaner your driving record, including traffic tickets and accidents, the better your insurance premiums. Surprisingly though, your insurance coverage history can also impact your rates. If you have had a lapse of car insurance policy coverage of more than 30 days, you may actually have trouble getting a policy. Unfortunately you can also expect those rates to be higher, at least until you are back in good standing with a solid history of auto insurance.

The car you drive – For those who drive sensible family cars with more safety features than sporty features, the rates will be lower. This is especially true if you are driving a car that is not financed. If you are in the market for buying a car, it would help you save on car insurance rates if you make sure you have anti-lock brakes over a retractable convertible top. Also having an anti-theft device such as a car alarm in place helps you with lower rates.

If you can bundle – Maybe you have a teenager in the house for whom you have gotten a separate car insurance policy. You may also have motorcycle insurance, boat coverage or a renter’s policy. If you are willing to transfer all your policies to one carrier, you will often times save money. In other words, if you bundle your coverage you actually save a bundle of cash.

Your Current Policy

Getting auto insurance for military personnel can be a time consuming task, especially if you usually take the time to gather quotes yourself to compare. Often times once you have your car insurance policy in place, the last thing you want to do is ever worry about changing it. In fact most of the time you just make your payments when your premiums are due and give your policy very little thought.

Believe it or not, this can be a pricy mistake.

You should always take the time to compare rates, especially before agreeing to renew a policy. At the very least each time your policy if up for renewal it is time to get car insurance rate quotes and see if you could be saving money. There is no excuse not to now when the hard part of gathering quotes is already done for you.

By simply filling in your current zip code, you could be on your way to serious savings after comparing quotes. If you are looking for cheap car insurance for military personnel, you can begin finding your best options now.