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Save Money With an Auto Insurance Military Discount

auto insurance military discount

While it may not be enough, getting auto insurance military discount rates are just one way some policy providers like to say “thank you” to active duty personnel. To the men and women who serve our country, it is good to know there may be some perks that companies are willing to offer you. So, who may benefit from an auto insurance military discount?

auto insurance military discount

  • Active duty men and women
  • Retired vets who once served
  • Those who are or were involved with military, National Guard or National Reserves
  • Even family members are often eligible for these discounts

The good news is – that is not all you may be able to get as a perk from your car insurance carrier. One example is discounted rates on storing your vehicle during times of deployment (during which your vehicle will not be used). For some civilians, this type of coverage is not an option, but discounts for it certainly are not.

Making Sense of it All

For an auto insurance military discount, you may be amazed at the savings you really can see on your auto policy premiums. There are of course other ways to increase these deep discounts in addition to up to 15% lower rates than civilian rates. For example, you may:

  • Combine all of your policies into one and see the ultimate savings. If you have multiple cars on various policies, renters, homeowners, life, boat or motorcycle coverage with other companies consider bundling your policies. In most cases, you will see a dramatic drop in all of your insurance policies when you do this.
  • Take a higher deductible. The trick is not to go too high or you won’t be able to afford the deductible should you need to file a claim. On the other hand, if you have too low a deductible your premiums will be higher. Not to mention each time you actually use that low deductible and file a claim instead of just paying it yourself, chances are your insurance will go up at renewal time anyway.
  • Pay your down payment up front. Often times, when you start a new auto insurance policy you are required to come up with a down payment to start the policy. Many policy providers offer the option of dividing this lump sum into smaller amounts with your monthly premiums. Of course, to do this you are probably paying more for the down payment plus you still have to come up with a good deal of money for your premiums. Avoid this by paying your down payment upfront and be done with it.
  • Get those quotes! The best way to save on your auto insurance policy is get rates from different companies. This way you can find those that do offer military discounts for coverage and find the best rates for you. You can get started by simply entering nothing more than your zip code. In a matter of no time you will have the auto insurance military discount that works best for you.